Strong intercultural experience with international studies, and more than twenty years of leadership background. My multicultural senior management experience is based on French company culture and regional cooperations in Central and Eastern Europe. I am one of the few coaches who became certified coach also in Hungary and in France.

During my activities I listen to my emotions and my intuition, even more in the coaching process. It helps you to get to the point, in order to better understand the reality that surrounds you – events, people, knowledges, yourself – and thus to prepare you for the necessary change.

First I attended a knowledge transfer management coach training at the coaching school founded by well-known Hungarian experts: Zoltán Baracskai – Jolán Velencei – László Mérő – István Nahalka – István Síklaki. My teachers encouraged me to read and follow the up-to-date business literature, to know the ideas of the management gurus and to apply them constantly. By putting this knowledge into context, I can brainstorm ideas during the coaching process. 

Then in Paris, I became a certified executive coach at the HEC Executive Education intercultural coach training under the aegis of Michel Giffard and Patrick Barrau. I learned coaching by focusing on people and relationships (relationships with ourselves, with others and with the whole universe).

The teachings of these two schools based on completely different cultural backgrounds are combined in me and became a global unified whole.

My studies:

  • Executive coaching, HEC Paris
  • Business coaching – Budapest, Hungary
  • Modern Business Studies, Budapest
  • Teacher qualification
  • Literature and Theater Studies, Budapest
  • French Culture Studies, Paris

My language knowledge:

Fluent Hungarian, French and English

You can find more details about myself, my activities and thoughts on my website by clicking on the pictures below: