The intercultural coaching is a more creative approach to the traditional coaching, with a deeper impact on the result of the coaching process.

The coronavirus epidemic fundamentally changes our culture and social habits. As a result of the crisis, the standards and values ​​ determining the functioning of our society and the social behavior are changing. After the epidemic, do we continue our lifes by the same paradigms, or we are able to open new windows to the ever-changing world? Intercultural coaching is using our cultural principles and resources, encourages us to cross the original borders and stimulates the research for new and  innovative solutions. Now everything is open, everything is possible. Are you ready for the change?

If you need a support for changing your mindset and exploring your path, to welcome, understand and accept the changing world, contact me!

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In the 16th century, our ancestors was using a horse-drawn vehicle called carriage, in hungarian: kocsi [coachy]. At the front of the carriage sat the “coachman” whose task was very discreet but essential: to guide and accompany his passengers from one point to another, helping them overcome various obstacles. In other words, was he the coach of the time?

Coaching exists since we are able to having dialogues, conversations. When two people meet, one tells his problems, his difficulties, and the other listens and tries to help his partner to overcome the obstacles. We can also say that coaching is an innate, daily and fundamental activity like breathing, sleeping, moving.

Indeed, it is a long-standing method that always adapts to the needs and challenges of the time. Today, coaching has become a profession, an accompaniment process based on a relationship of trust. The coaching is not a consulting, not a training, and not a psychotherapy. In his work, the business coach combines the “tools” of different support professions with the knowledge of business, leadership and management. The objectif of the coaching is to find appropriate responses to the challenges of the business players (companies, managers, employees). As all individuals carry within themselves the most effective responses to the issues they face.

Although the coaching tools have changed over the time, but the goal has remained the same: an expert companion based on assistance. 


Because “we don’t speak the same language”…

International, intercultural, multicultural, multinational… Words which are now part of our everyday lives and today considered essential in the business management. But it is not only the impact of globalization, or international organisations, but rather the need to open up to different cultures, different social customs, new standards, and the ability to understand and adapt to them. This new approach affects all actors of the modern business.

Intercultural coaching helps you if you meet the following questions:

Am I ready for the necessary changes? How do I define my own identity? Where and how can I find common ground with my colleagues to make collaborations easier and more efficient? How do my human relationships change thanks to the cultural differences, the renewable social habits and new standards?

Interculturality is present in the coaching process:

  • when looking for solutions to special problems arising from cultural and social differences through a coaching process
  • when we use in a constructive way the problems arising from cultural and social differences in our daily operation in order to succeed

The aim of the coaching process is to collect as many benefits as possible from cultural and social differences and to use them for your own personal development and the succes of the business.

The goal of the intercultural coaching process is to better understand and accept

  • new standards, new types of social functioning, habits and their effects
  • the necessary change
  • the ongoing competitive situation
  • your relationship to your own personality
  • adaptation to the hierarchy
  • your relationship with your staff and the environment
  • different ways of thinking and attitudes
  • complex communication methods

all of these obstacles can be difficult even within the same culture, but much more difficult in situations involving people from different or other cultures, requiring different attitudes and ways of thinking.


if you

  • would like to understand and adapt to the changed cultural and social habits
  • work in a team with a diverse cultural background
  • work in another country
  • work in an international team
  • work for a Hungarian subsidiary of a foreign company

And / or

  • you are facing new tasks, new challenges
  • you need a change in your everyday routine, operation
  • you have obstacles in your work
  • you have conflicts with your collegues
  • you have decision-making problems and dilemmas
  • you have communication problems
  • you meet difficulties in your leadership responsibilities

But it could be also useful if you could not yet indentify or specify the problem, but you feel something is going wrong

One thing is for sure: you need a personalized assistance, that will help you get to know yourself better, adapt to new situations, clarify the problem and see yourself and your environment in a different way.


A free introductory conversation will reveal to both of us if we can work together and find your answers to the questions that arise when you are facing a problem.